• Bulldogs on the Blockchain: Buy the NFT, get the Real Puppy

  • Bulldogs on the blockchain: A new NFT is being sold that actually comes with a living puppy.

    Finally, we are starting to see NFTs that have real-world uses. A company called Bullishly Bred has started an NFT project that they say will make a difference.

    The first Bullishly Bred NFTs are a collection of 9 NFTs, and they are the first of their kind. Each NFT represents an actual living French Bulldog. This is a couture breed. Co-founder Nicole Harrison who owns Ethical Frenchie says, “This sets a new standard of dog breeding, perfectly representing genealogical heritage on the Ethereum blockchain. This empowers the dog breeding community to use an immutable open ledger to ensure the purity and genealogical history of a dog.”

    The NFT is proof of ownership and it comes with a metaverse representation of the puppy. And you can buy the NFTs with cryptocurrency.

    A Useful NFT

    Harrison says the NFT will include historical ownership, medical records, genetic data, family tree, and imagery. “This means that the NFT will cryptographically prove ownership if your dog is lost or stolen, it will give health information to vets, and prove the dog’s genetic history when breeding.”

    You can’t just buy the NFT and get a puppy, however. “A screening process is required due to it being a living being. An interview will be required to ensure that your household and family is prepared and responsible and willing to accept their new furry family member. If during the required screening (post auction) it is determined that you’re unable to care for the puppy, the NFT must be transferred or sold. And the new holder will be screened for preparation of delivery.”

    Once ownership is confirmed, a flight nanny will coordinate a day to hand-deliver the puppy.

    Bulldogs on the Blockchain: A world first

    The company says, “These are the first dogs in history to be purchased using cryptocurrency, recorded on the blockchain and have cemented historical information that cannot be manipulated. We chose to use French Bulldogs as they are one of the most desired breeds in the world but also one with the most corrupt breeding and registration practices.”

    The company hope the NFTs will solve a longstanding problem. Antiquated dog breeding and owner registration processes must be updated.

    “Fragmentation among the hundreds of legacy kennel clubs and pet registry entities exist today. Their rigid exclusivity has created an entire underworld of unscrupulous breeding, incentivizing puppy mills and backyard breeders to operate further underground.”

    This situation has caused inbreeding, genetic deformity, segregation and theft. The process is confusing with hundreds of different dog registries.

    Breeding NFTs

    Megan Barraford, the other co-founder of the new venture, is a serial entrepreneur. She says, “NFTs have immense potential but are solely used for a single purpose and purely used for speculation. There is more to the technology behind NFTs – it provides a mechanism for storing information on the blockchain that cannot be manipulated and is publicly transparent. We took NFTs and brought them to the pet industry to solve a problem.”

    Harrison has been breeding for more than a decade. She supports ethical breeding and wants to prevent health problems and improve longevity. “Bullishly Bred plans to build an inclusive pet exchange that allows all breeds – including designer breeds like Sheepadoodle, or health-tested exotic colors like merle, to be registered. The NFT project is completely restructuring the breeding apparatus – making it open, transparent, decentralized, and inclusive of all dogs and people. This system is permissionless, uncensored, and available to all.”

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