• Bushidos Samurai’s NFT sold out in no time

  • Bushidos, an NFT project led by a team of Coinbase and Stripe employees, recently arrived in NFT land. The release and sales have completely exceeded the expectations of the creators, so much so that there is already a high demand for the release of the second phase of the project.

    Bushidos sold out

    The project’s leader, Jeremy Booth, an illustrator at Coinbase, came up with the idea and storyline a few months ago. That’s when he started developing Bushidos, a pop art/samurai-themed collectibles project with 8,888 samurai, where the decentralization of the blockchain is maintained and FUD is prevented.

    Three weeks before the much-anticipated launch of the project, the team decided to drop a free NFT called Sashimono limited 888. with it came a frenzied lineup of NFT enthusiasts and degenerates eager to get their hands on one of these precious NFTs, which would give holders the chance to pre-sell Bushidos 48 hours beforehand and the opportunity to Sashimono to cast two Bushimodos.The Sashimono Limited Edition NFT was snapped up in just three minutes.

    The official Bushidos drop, which took place last Friday, sold out in just five hours, establishing a terrific starting point for the project. There were 8,888 NFTs available for this drop, each priced at 0.0888 ETH.

    The Bushidos community has now exceeded all expectations and the team has exciting plans that will bring even more value to the growing community. At the end of this year (date TBD), Bushido NFT holders will receive a unique sword NFT called Katan for free, and a second season of the story is currently underway. In the upcoming season, a manga NFT will be released telling the origin story of Bushido, and a new character will appear in the form of a new NFT series.

    What is Bushidos?

    The Bushidos are a clan of warriors who live by the eight virtues. These principles guide their steps in times of peace and war.

    One hundred years ago, Clan Bushidos was one of the most powerful communities in the world. Its eight guilds were spread across the farthest corners of the world, and Bushido warriors were known for their skills, culture, and community. That is, until an evil ruler rises up, sees the power of the zone, and tries to centralize it under his rule. A great battle ensues, and in the end, the evil ruler wins control of the blockchain.

    After a mysterious event, warriors from every Bushido guild take the swords of their ancestors and unite in a common goal – coming together for the first time in 100 years to open the portal and defeat the evil ruler. To awaken what was once a blockchain.

    So …… Stay tuned for Season 2!

    The Team

    This incredible team aims to develop an active creative community around the theme of samurai lore and culture. As such, they practice what they preach, especially honor, which is one of the eight principles of virtue and one that the Bushidos team is extremely required to uphold. Collectors can rest assured that this fully do-good team is here to stay. The team consists of Jeremy Booth, illustrator at Coinbase, Jai Prasad, engineer at Coinbase, Cesar Pantoja, engineer at Coinbase, and Christopher Davis, designer at Stripe.

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