• Cannabis Company Creso Pharma Buys The Sandbox Plot Next to Snoop Dogg

  • This month, medicinal cannabis developer Creso Pharma has officially tapped into NFTs via The SandBox! The company, renowned for its hemp-derived range of products, has purchased a plot of land within The Sandbox, becoming Snoop Dogg’s latest virtual neighbor.

    Creso Pharma joins Snoop Dogg in The Sandbox

    Creso Pharma is a global innovator in the medicinal cannabis industry. Its products include therapeutic, lifestyle, and nutraceutical items – and now, the company is ready to take them to the virtual world too!

    As a first step, Creso Pharma purchased a plot of land in The Sandbox right next to Snoop Dogg, one of the most renowned NFT collectors. Accordingly, the rapper invited the company to become his virtual neighbor within the metaverse in a tweet.

    Of course, it’s no wonder, given that Snoop Dogg is a leading cannabis supporter in real (and virtual) life. Consequently, Creso Pharma teamed up with consultancy company Collective Campus to launch its products within the metaverse starting this month.

    How will the new virtual company look?

    To begin with, Creso Pharma will build a digital replica of its 24,000 sqft medical cannabis cultivation center, Mernova, in The Sandbox. There, users will be able to find a wide array of Creso Pharma products, socialize, and explore the digital space.

    In fact, visitors will even have access to the facility and explore the cultivation process of Cannabis plants from scratch. In the long run, the venue will bring innovative experiences and other digital goods to its customers.

    Surprisingly, Creso Pharma is the first ASX-listed cannabis company to join The SandBox. Nevertheless, CEO William Lay admits that the journey into the Metaverse hasn’t been easy:

    “This follows a considerable amount of hard work, planning and strategy and highlights the company’s innovative approach to driving marketing and sales across new, borderless channels,” he said. “We expect that the launch will allow for the introduction of Creso Pharma’s brands and products to a wide range of new consumers and potential investors utilizing the metaverse.”

    More physical companies are joining The SandBox

    Creso Pharma is one of the many successful companies IRL to join the digital assets market via The SandBox. In recent months, we’ve seen giant footwear producers such as Nike and Adidas dive right into the NFT market. In fact, Adidas went as far as purchasing a 144-parcel space within The SandBox too!

    Meanwhile, the renowned entertainment company Warner Music Group will build the first music-themed world in The Sandbox. This announcement comes as the successful metaverse raised over $93 million in a Series B round led by Japanese company Softbank.

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