• Care Bears Partner With The Sandbox To Bring Back Nostalgia With NFTs

  • Care Bears celebrates their 40th Anniversary by launching an NFT Collection on The SandBox. There will be 29 new lovely game assets from the Care Bears universe.

    Care Bears are one of the most popular toys in the world, especially for those born in the 80s and 90s. The franchise even had video games, books, and their classic animated TV series. Now, fans have a new way to own their favorite cuddly companions — virtually through the Care Bear metaverse.

    Care Bear Metaverse and NFTs

    Back in September 2020, the Sandbox announced its partnership with the Care Bears™ franchise. They are working to create the virtual Care-a-Lot Kingdom. In a statement, Sandbox said that Care Bears™ (Cloudco) will receive large digital spaces, known as LANDS, in the gaming metaverse. On these LANDS, a 3D voxelized version of the Care Bears’ Care-a-Lot kingdom will be available to players.

    Players will be able to explore a virtual Care-a-Lot setting. The area will have a Care Bears-themed environment, attractions, games, and buildings with which to interact. Players can also meet and chat in The Sandbox Care-a-Lot world using their Avatar characters in addition to playing together.

    Sandbox said the Care Bears™ game experience is still in its development. And in celebration of the Care Bears’ 40th Anniversary, they are releasing the 29 Care Bear NFTs that the community can use to create their own game. One of which is Care-a-Lot who is the first Care Bear in the Virtual Care-a-Lot Kingdom and will also be out in toys and other consumer products this fall.

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