• Chain.Game project leader examines new NFT-based revenue model

  • Thomas Geyer is exploring ways to integrate new NFT-based revenue streams into the gaming industry.Geyer is the project lead for Chain.Game, an in-browser RPG that began development during the Neo Frontier Launchpad.The Chain.Game team presented their product at a demo week hosted by Neo Global Development during which they showcased their product. In episode 60 of the Neo News Today podcast, Geyer discusses the challenges and opportunities of integrating NFTs into video games. He said.

    NFTs, by virtue of their features, will empower users in the games of the future. They will provide a new source of revenue and perhaps replace current revenue streams.

    Geyer is a graduate student at the IT Academy of the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien in Vienna, Austria. His research focuses on NFTs in the gaming industry. he notes.” I’m working on the details of how NFTs will change the way games deliver their value proposition to customers? And, how are customers changing? How are their behaviors changing? How are their expectations of games changing?”

    Geyer said there are two main gaming models: free-to-play and pay-to-play. These two models have been the preferred revenue model for PC, console, mobile and web-based games for the past few decades.

    However, another model is also starting to emerge: play to earn. Axie Infinity, for example, is a Pokémon inspired game where users earn tokens for playing and contributing to the ecosystem. According to Geyer, these games have created other methods of monetisation that have been more or less ignored by game developers who rely on the old business model. He said.

    “Trading in-game currency or in-game items for real money was restricted because they didn’t like it. They feel it destroys the game because people progress quickly. Also, it will reduce their revenue stream in terms of subscriptions.”

    Looking ahead, Geyer intends to answer how NFTs will affect the revenue model for MMORPG-style games.

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