• Chainmonsters closed beta will start in 4 weeks!

  • German game studio Bside will launch the Chainmonsters closed beta in 4 weeks. The MMORPG has seen a huge uptick in market interest and wallet holders over the past few months. According to Dappradar, Chainmonsters has seen a 2,248% increase in user wallets in one week.

    Chainmonsters announced the closed beta during its alpha phase in October. The closed beta will only allow access to a limited number of players via the NFT pass. This phase will last until February 2022, when the game will launch in open beta.

    Chainmonsters is basically a role-playing game where players fight each other with various types of creatures from their arsenal. In total, there are eight areas or maps that are home to these monsters. Capturing them increases the player’s combat power.

    What’s in the Chainmonsters Closed Beta?

    The closed beta has various new additions that will add a new level of excitement to the gaming experience. The studio previously announced a better streaming option that will reduce the loading window when changing maps. This will definitely make the gameplay smoother.

    Apart from this, Bside is using new shader technology to make the game’s graphics more colorful and appealing for an immersive experience. Moreover, players will see new additions such as stamina points, ultimate and special tactics for each monster.

    How to access Chainmonsters closed beta?

    A closed beta means that only a specific number of players will have access to this version. The studio has announced several airdrops and is giving away interactive points on social media.

    Bside has begun distributing between 30,000 and 100,000 beta passes to players. The distribution will continue until the open beta is released.

    If you’re new to Chainmonsters, the best way to get access passes NFT is to join the social media challenge. Existing players of the Alpha version will automatically get updates in their wallets. Also, if you join a mobile festival and get an adventure bundle, you’ll get access as well.

    Chainmonsters and the player economy

    Chainmonsters is a player driven free-to-play game. Since all characters and passes are NFT, players can sell these for a profit. However, no player can purchase anything that will give them an advantage in the game. Every achievement must be earned through the course of the game.

    The Chainmonsters closed beta elevates this concept, as every item needed to play the game is provided for free.

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