• Chapman To launches LATE DAO NFT into the metaverse

  • The production brand of artist Chapman To, “LATE SHOW”, announced earlier that it will enter the meta-universe by launching 10,000 “LATE DAO” NFTs to build an entertainment kingdom that breaks the limits of space and time and is bigger than “LATE”.

    The total number of NFTs is 10,000 and the public offering is priced at 0.26 Ether (ETH).

    According to the earlier presentation by LATE SHOW, LATE DAO will purchase a piece of land in the metaverse to revive the Genius Bar. “The future entertainment model and decisions of LATE DAO, as well as the company’s products, including movie tickets, can be decided by the votes of the NFT holders of LATE DAO.

    In a Facebook post, To said that he was dissatisfied with the physical limitations of interacting with the audience, so he began to study the metaverse, and believed that “anything can happen” in the metaverse, and that he could revive the Genius Bar in the metaverse, so that there would be no more subject and object in the talkshow, and everyone could chat together. The future form of entertainment can be decided by everyone.

    To said that what he is doing is not as simple as an “art collection NFT”, but he wants to provide a decontextualised entertainment platform for the participants.

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