• ChillNoW launches winter bikini NFT with 8 Taiwanese web stars

  • “ChillNoW, a short video social media platform, has teamed up with 8 Taiwanese net stars, Enqi, Miyuki, Squirrel, Baozier, Buckwheat, Ruby (Ruby Liu), Ulina (Xiao Nine) and Yoru Night (Night Treasure), to launch the “ChillNoW Winter Bikini NFT” before the Chinese New Year. ChillNoW Winter Bikini NFT”, to make Taiwan’s internet celebrities not only become popular in Taiwan, but also internationally through NFT!

    The first wave of the ChillNoW-led Winter Bikini NFT has already turned eight pieces of work by eight net stars from Taiwan into NFTs, which are available on the world-renowned NFT trading platform OpenSea.

    The ChillNoW team hopes that, in addition to commercialising the NFTs with the exclusive fan memberships of the eight net stars and making the Taiwanese net stars known to the world through the international OpenSea, the net stars will also be able to take advantage of the release of the Winter Bikini NFTs to freely shoot short videos, create and interact with their fans in the future digital parallel world where virtual and reality merge, and eventually become a The ultimate all-round cosmic internet sensation!

    What are the benefits for creators of NFTs? In fact, it’s not just the fans who like Eunqi, Miyuki, Squirrel, Baozi, Buckwheat, Ruby, Ulina and Yoru Night who can buy and collect their favourite NFTs.

    In addition, these NFTs will also be combined with the upcoming “ChillNoW” short video social platform. Fans who purchase 3 NFTs will be given priority to participate in physical offline events organised by ChillNoW in the future, or receive surprise mystery gifts from fans!

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