• Circle of Ninjas x Polygon Studios Announce Their Partnership

  • Circle of Ninjas just announced their strategic partnership with Polygon Studios. The partnership will accelerate the development of the upcoming NFT platform. The project is led by David Gokhshtein, founder of Gokhshtein Media and creator of Circle of Ninjas. David is an influential character in the crypto and NFT space, and very bullish on the metaverse.

    Circle of Ninjas

    In a nutshell, Circle of Ninjas is an up and coming NFT platform. The brand focuses on being community-centric, building a unique and affordable platform for artists to host their NFTs. Essentially, their mission is to provide EVERYONE with a platform, because EVERYONE deserves to be seen and to be heard. Even in its infancy, they have already helped several artists gain some traction.

    The project is basically 2 months old, but has already built a sizable community. This can be attributed to David’s massive following and influence in the space, plus the recent big name partnerships. Besides Polygon Studios, David is looking to get the project on Coinbase as well. In addition, they have inked a partnership with the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, which is focused on charity and helping the less fortunate.

    The team is also dropping their own NFT collection, featuring a series of 10k ninjas.

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