• Clay Friends NFT Partners With Adobe Photoshop

  • The Clay Friends NFT collection announced a major partnership with Adobe Photoshop yesterday. Although, the project is yet to share details of the team-up. However early promo suggests that it will highlight the process behind creating the unique NFTs.

    Clay Friends uses Photoshop to transform handmade models into NFTs

    Clay Friends is a collection of 5,000 NFT profile pictures (PFPs). Impressively, the collection has drawn a lot of attention in a fairly short amount of time. To illustrate, it has amassed a Twitter following of 50,000 in about two months.

    Another key point is just how unique the Clay Friends art is. Indeed, unlike most NFT PFPs, these NFTs are not strictly digital artworks. On the contrary, the base models for the NFTs are fully handmade sculptures. In other words, every single trait in the collection is a real clay piece that the Clay Friends artist crafts!

    Even so, Clay Friends is actually a generative NFT collection. But how does one make generative NFTs from real clay models? Well, the way this happens is that photographs of the Clay Friends models are imported into Adobe Photoshop. Then, the artist pulls and arranges the different handmade traits using Photoshop. As part of the partnership, Photoshop posted a mesmerizing video of this artistic process on its Instagram account.

    To be sure, Clay Friends is another great example of an NFT project driven by a beloved artist making their entry into Web3. For Clay Friends, that artist is Trent Shy. Shy is a renowned stop-motion animator whose work has seen him gain a 1 million following and over 250 million views on social media.

    Significantly, his bio on the Clay Friends website highlights the fact that he is “no stranger to corporate partnerships”. Hopefully, this spells good things for the partnership’s future. Especially considering how instrumental Photoshop is to the process of making the Clay Friends NFTs.

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