• Coach and GQ China Arm to Launch NFTs on Ether

  • Coach and GQ China’s content team are partnering with Singaporean startup ZKBox to release six limited edition NFTs.

    This is Coach’s first foray into NFTs, following in the footsteps of other luxury brands and celebrities.

    The brand worked with GQ China’s content development team, GQLab, to create “a unique interactive NFT experience,” the statement said. To win one of six NFTs, fans can mix and match designs and submit their ideas via Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform.

    ZKBox is using Zero Knowledge (ZK) rollups, a technology that promises to scale Ether at the second layer while maintaining the decentralization and security of the first. Rollups have been around for about two years, but are still in the early stages and are only now taking off, according to Huobi Research.

    According to Hailan Jia, director of PR at ZKBox, NFT applications for ZK rollups are lacking.

    The largest ZK rollup protocol has yet to find a killer NFT use case for ZK rollups. zkSync from Matter Labs announced NFT support in July. loopring only released NFT support in August, saying it was looking for use cases.

    ImmutableX, another NFT protocol based on ZK rolling, raised $60 million in funding earlier in September to focus on gaming.

    Accountancy firm Ernst & Young released its own ZK rollup-based protocol in July.

    Vitalik Buterin wrote in January that convolution, which includes another type known as optimistic, would be the “cornerstone” of Ether scaling.

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