• Conjee: Empowering the NFT market with physical NFT

  • Conjee, a revolutionary physical NFT marketplace that connects physical products to the meta-space, announces the launch of its trusted marketplace platform where creators and brands can offer high-quality digital and physical artwork.

    NFTs are unforgeable tokens that come in the form of music, artwork and other digital property. However, physical artwork is also starting to penetrate the marketplace.

    Physical artwork, like gold, is revolutionizing the concept of trusting third parties. Clients are asserting their ownership and authenticating their asset transactions through escrow services.

    By creating a concept of art existing as a digital and tangible object, Conjee negates the financial risk associated with physical artwork. If NFTs disappeared tomorrow, the artwork would still exist and could be sold or kept as an investment.

    What is Conjee?

    Conjee is a new revolutionary NFT platform that perfectly blends the profitability of NFT with the thrill of participating in the meta-world. Unlike any other platform, Conjee allows users to trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items.

    The Conjee NFT Marketplace is the first platform to offer services covering the entire NFT lifecycle, enabling anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions, and trade NFTs.Using the platform’s tools, sellers and buyers transact in a secure manner, proving the authenticity of the product. The platform unlocks the huge commercial potential of NFT for all digital assets in the primary and secondary markets.

    When you sell your physical NFT on Conjee, you get an all-in-one solution that offers the ability to create high-quality physical NFT products and shipping processing. Artists can pair physical and digital art, or sell both versions separately to cater to different customers. This also increases the profitability for the creator. In addition, artists can create their own unique landing pages and use the platform’s tools to list their products.

    For buyers, Conjee offers a rare method of product ownership that combines the power of the NFT network built on the Binance smart chain with physical products you can hold in your hands or give as gifts to your friends and family.

    Conjee incorporates a token economy into the platform through $CONJEE utility tokens.CONJEE tokens incentivize users to participate in the platform.

    Conjee Private Sales

    Conjee will be holding its private sale on November 20, 2021. Here is what the team shared about this upcoming token sale.

    The total supply of $CONJEE tokens is 10 billion. Exactly 5% of all $CONJEE tokens are allocated to the upcoming private sale and 20% are allocated to the initial listing. It is built on the Binance smartchain network, offering faster integration and lower GAS fees $CONJEE will soon be listed on the Probit exchange so holders can trade, exchange and provide liquidity with their $CONJEE tokens.

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