• Cordia Announces A Metaverse Food Hall With Top Chef NFTs

  • Cordia Corporation just announced the launch of the Crypto Food Hall NFT collection. This collection features 1,000 chefs, 500 males and 500 females, which consists Chef Tasty, Chef Yummy, Chef Nasty, Chef Delivered, and Chef BTC. The chefs basically represent various cuisines, culinary styles, and personalities. In addition, there will also be menu items and locations inside the metaverse food experience.

    Currently, the public mint price is 0.08 ETH, while the whitelist price is 0.04 ETH. Each chef will have their own restaurant in the Crypto Food Hall, and some will have actual virtual restaurants on delivery apps. Furthermore, the Crypto Food Hall will welcome the participation and expertise from culinary experts and celebrity chefs. By holding a chef NFT, all are welcome to own a piece of these virtual restaurants.

    The NFT project joins other restaurant-based NFT projects, but with a mission to help independent restaurants. By joining this project, they can enter the NFT space without incurring much development cost and technical expertise. Moreover, part of the royalties from the NFT sale will be used to purchase digital gift cards from local restaurants, then distributed to the Crypto Food Hall community.

    As an additional utility for holders, they will be invited to regular cooking events, both virtual and in person. Also, they will be entitled to future airdrops and discount codes for virtual restaurants. Moving forward, menu item NFTs will be their next milestone, scheduled for next month. Whereas the food hall locations should be on sale in April.

    Cordia Kitchens

    Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Cordia Corp. operates virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens. They are commercial cooking spaces with no dine in options. They essentially function as hubs for online delivery and catering orders, operating through major delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash, and others. The main benefit is that they circumvent the need for costly build outs in premium locations.

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