• Creature World NFT Project Launches Tokens That Create More NFTs

  • Creature World NFT Project will launch tokens that create more NFTs! The announcement said the token called “The Traveling Creature” will contain an artwork with the sender and recipient’s creatures. On their website, they call it a collaborative art experience pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology.

    The Traveling Creature project is a token designed to be passed between creatures to create an art called “Travel”. How does this new type of token work?

    First, you need to own a creature. Then you will receive a traveling creature token. After that, you can send the traveling token to a friend who owns another creature. It will create a brand new artwork of the sender and the recipient’s creature together and will be minted directly to the sender.

    The token is part of the Creature World’s roadmap and is something we’ve never seen in the history of NFTs. It is both innovative and refreshing.

    About Danny Cole and The Creature World

    Danny Cole is an NYC-based visual artist and one of the co-founders of The Creature World — a place full of 10,000 unique Creatures. According to their website, The Creature World is full of limitless expeditions through visual art, live experiences, and community projects.

    The Creature World also allows its users to access Creatures Lab: a creative lab exploring the potential of interaction with artwork using Web3 technology. The lab aim is to cultivate a spirit of creative experimentation through a series of participatory art projects. The Traveling Creature token is the lab’s latest invention.

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