• The CropBytes gaming community is at the forefront of the crypto gaming revolution

  • The goal of CropBytes is to create a virtual world where anyone can buy, sell and own assets.CropBytes is a cryptocurrency-powered farming, business and strategy game.

    Crypto gaming exploded in 2021, with mainstream gamers seizing the opportunity to earn tokens while playing their favorite games. This has led to a plethora of cryptocurrency games on the market.

    Many cryptocurrency games lack the quality of mainstream games, while others have poor token stats that favor rewarding developers over gamers.CropBytes is a truly amazing cryptocurrency game that provides a platform for users to play and grow in a meta-universe of cryptocurrency farms.

    A sustainable cryptocurrency gaming economy

    Launched in 2018, CropBytes is one of the oldest cryptocurrency farming games still in operation. For the past three years, a balanced game economy combined with a highly liquid and mature marketplace has allowed players to grow and thrive in this meta-universe.

    Since its launch, the CropBytes ecosystem has expanded and is one of the most active gaming communities in the cryptocurrency space.

    One of the reasons for CropBytes’ success is the sustainable in-game economy in which players can play and grow their cryptocurrency farms. In these virtual farms, players grow crops, raise animals and produce goods to grow their portfolio and earn in-game coins.

    The game coins can then be sold or exchanged for different cryptocurrency assets, including TRX. their token CBX, which will become the main in-game token after IEO, will soon be listed on top exchanges around the world. Gamers can also use these coins to purchase exclusive digital assets, such as the rare proposed NFT.

    CropBytes also introduces NFTs to its gaming meta-sector in a unique way. The proposed NFTs play an important role as they are rare and have special abilities that can greatly enhance the gamer’s gaming experience and their portfolio.

    For example, in-game superhero NFTs can be bred to increase crop yields. Players can also utilize their NFTs in PvP battles that are expected to launch in the coming months.

    Players can connect with other players and access their farms. With the upcoming multiplayer fishing game, they will also be able to participate in player-versus-player tournaments and earn tokens based on skill.

    While the game is currently centralized, with the launch of CBX tokens, the game is taking its first steps towards decentralization. Tokenization of the game’s assets and the proposed NFT will follow.

    Optimized mobile gaming experience

    The mobile gaming scene has exploded in popularity in recent years, and CropBytes is one of the few cryptocurrency games available on the Apple and Google PlayStore.CropBytes has a strong community of gamers who are consistently playing the game since its launch in 2018, and is an established cryptocurrency gaming platform. To date, it has achieved over 100,000 downloads and has added 250,000 players to its gaming meta-domain.

    The CropBytes Gaming mobile app provides users with an optimized portable gaming experience to start their cryptocurrency farming journey. It is therefore no surprise that the app is proving to be popular in Latin America and Asia. In both regions, cryptocurrency adoption has become a major trend in recent years.

    This is reflected in the growing statistics, with in-game deposits increasing by over 500% in the last six months.

    Backed by top blockchain venture capital firms

    CropBytes’ growing potential can be seen in the number of industry leaders backing the blockchain gaming platform.CropBytes has secured funding from Old Fashion Research.Exnetwork Capital.It has also partnered with strategic partners in the blockchain space, including Polygon’s Chief Operating Officer Sandeep Nailwal, Tamar, head of growth at Solana, and Siddharth Menon, COO of WazirX, among others.

    CropBytes has also made several upgrades to its gaming platform in recent months, with a revamped website and intuitive user interface in Q3 2021. The gaming platform has also expanded its gaming meta-space with new NFTs and new use cases for in-game assets.

    CropBytes prepares to launch CBX soon

    CropBytes has announced the upcoming launch of its token CBX, scheduled for early November via IEO/IDO. Talks are underway with multiple partners and we should be hearing news on this front soon. The launch will see the introduction of its native token CBX, which will introduce a new utility to the gaming platform.

    The CBX token will be an integral part of the CropBytes gaming meta-domain and may serve as a utility and in the future as a governance token. Holders will trade the token for unique NFT assets within the game’s marketplace and receive rewards for game activity.

    CBX will also be listed on other exchanges in the future, and early holders can earn amazing returns by holding the tokens. Following the launch of IEO/IDO, CropBytes will launch additional features such as staking within the fourth quarter of 2021.

    Axie Infinity launched their token in November last year and has grown over 1,250x since then.

    CropBytes also states in its roadmap that it plans to introduce a USDT stablecoin by 2020, along with its local NFT marketplace.

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