• Crypto.com NFT Partners With Iconic Comic Book Magazine Heavy Metal

  • The Crypto.com NFT platform has formed a partnership with Heavy Metal, the world’s foremost publisher of fantasy, sci-fi and horror. The partnership will bring exclusive NFT collections and launch a store for the legendary Heavy Metal magazine on the Crypto.com NFT marketplace. Fans and collectors will be able to buy and trade their favorite illustrations as NFTs.

    Upcoming NFT releases include “Beyond Kuiper”, “The Rise” and “The Axe”. The first NFT will be Amazon’s best-selling hard science fiction novel, “Beyond Kuiper. The Galactic Federation,” co-created by Medney and Lockheed Martin space mechanic engineer John Connelly. The set will include work by renowned British street artist Thumbs, as well as other works illustrating the scientific underpinnings of the co-creators’ fantasy universe.

    Following this, Heavy Metal will feature an NFT based on George C. Romero’s “Rise,” the comic series that was the prologue to George A. Romero’s (the author’s father) classic 1968 zombie movie “Night of the Living Dead.”

    The third upcoming NFT series will be based on “Axe,” a project by Joe Trohman, guitarist for the multi-platinum rock band Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things. The project was created in collaboration with comedian, actor, musician and writer Brian Posehn.

    The release of the iconic publication’s first NFT series will take place Sept. 15 at 9 a.m. PT.

    “When I took over Heavy Metal, my sole goal was to return the legendary ‘Northern Ranger’ to his rightful throne in Minas Tirith; partnering with Crypto.com on a series of digital collectibles is like a big step towards Gondor,” said Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal.

    Heavy Metal magazine has had a broad impact on the counterculture for the past 40 years since its inception in 1977. It was the first magazine of its kind to introduce American readers to globally renowned comic book artists such as Moebius, Enki Bilal and Pepe Moreno. The publication has provided a platform for many legendary writers and illustrators, including Richard Coburn, Jim Steranko and Bernie Wrightson. The brand has also been involved in providing the basis for iconic films such as “Blade Runner” and “The Fifth Element.”

    “For me,” says Joe Conyers III, executive vice president and global head of NFT at Crypto.com, “Heavy Metal is more than a counterculture institution that has sought to disrupt the status quo and pave its own path creatively, it has also been pushing the traditional boundaries of the comics world, effectively influencing mainstream culture.” In this way, Heavy Metal shares many values with the cryptocurrency and NFT communities – making this partnership a perfect fit.”

    Founded in March 2021, Crypto.com NFT is one of the leading curated marketplaces, powered by Crypto.com, which provides the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency app to over 10 million customers. Several high-profile artists have partnered with the platform, including; Aston Martin Formula 1 Team, Beatport, BossLogic, Snoop Dogg and more.

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