• Crypto.com NFTs and DRESSX offer NFTs for digital fashion

  • Crypto.com NFT and DRESSX will offer the first ever NFT in the fashion world.

    The partnership will include an NFT store for DRESSX on Crypto.com/NFT and multiple NFT launches.

    The partnership will help both companies work with sustainability at its core.

    Crypto.com NFT is joining forces with digital fashion company DRESSX to offer the first ever NFT in the fashion industry.This partnership will see the creation of a DRESSX NFT store on Crypto.com/NFT, as well as the launch of multiple NFT collections and pieces.

    DRESSX was founded in July 2020 by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova. It offers a potential solution to the negative carbon footprint of the fashion industry. The platform’s unique products come in the form of virtual outfits that users can wear in their photos and videos. These can be shared online.

    Shapovalova shared her excitement about the partnership, saying.

    At DRESSX, we believe it is our mission to advance digital fashion. Blockchain offers unique possibilities for identifying, owning and leveraging digital assets that are perfect for the digital fashion industry, and Crypto.com’s expertise and deep understanding of the space makes the company an industry leader – which is why we are so excited to launch our partnership to deliver the gift of digital fashion to the market’s active users.”

    To add to Shapovalova’s point, Modenova said the two are excited to see the partnership launch. She believes that this initiative will truly pave a new path for fashion to be worn and sold.

    In particular, she said, DRESSX offers NFT the ability to provide digital wear and AR capabilities that can enable a unique digital fashion experience. More importantly, it is a very real experience.

    Popular bio-astronomical researcher and TikTok influencer Kellie Gerardi also recently “wore” one of DRESSX’s pieces on her Instagram post.

    What’s more, Modnova also said that they are proud to be working with Crypto.com. Specifically, because in doing so, they support the platform’s commitment to becoming carbon-negative. This measure resonates with DRESSX’s core value of enhancing sustainability.

    Crypto.com recently shared its goal of becoming carbon negative within 18 months. In fact, the brand plans to offset more carbon than all of its activities generate. Thus, Crypto.com NFT’s commitment to sustainability has been inherent from the platform’s conception.

    Similarly, all artwork minted on Crypto.org Chain, a proof-of-stake protocol based on Cosmos, uses far less energy than the proof-of-work protocols of Bitcoin and Ether. This is just one of the many steps the brand has set in motion.

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