• Crypto Podcaster Cobie Offers $10,000 to NFT Skeptical Gamers to Try NFT

  • The popular crypto podcast – Cobie is now offering NFT skeptics $10,000 to use ethereum. The incident comes after a number of Twitter users criticized NFT in a post.

    While one commenter rejected the offer, another accepted and brought NFT on OpenSea.

    Crypto Podcast Cobie and the Great Twitter War

    Cobie discusses criticism of NFT technology from the gaming community.

    Cobie writes, “Gamers’ anger at the inclusion of NFT is an astronomical unintentional vote for self-interest. Why wouldn’t gamers want to own their own game progress and achievements? It seems only beneficial for the individual user to own these items, not the game company to retain ownership.”

    Following his tweet, many users made negative comments. Some even argued that the environmental damage caused by Ether is significant. While others questioned the value of NFT itself.

    Finally, Cobie replied to one of the critics, “If you have an ethereum address, I’ll send you $10,000 for cheering,”

    Nonetheless, Cobie is not the first cryptocurrency enthusiast to offer funds to encourage skeptics to start using ethereum. Earlier, after strong opposition, NFT collector Vincent Van offered $5,000 to some NFT critics.

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