• Crypto Raiders wants fans to create dungeon crawl soundtrack

  • Pixelated adventurers Crypto Raiders have a novel solution to compiling the game’s soundtrack. For this goal, they have invited fans to contribute to the core atmosphere of the game, and therefore will let the community decide on the perfect score.

    To this end, a great composing competition will be held. Music creators from all over the world will have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the world stage. If selected, the winner will receive a regular AURUM award for their efforts.

    Beginning September 15, budding composers will have two weeks to submit their tracks. After that, the community will have a week to vote on their favorite acoustic tracks. The top 5 tracks will then represent “Genesis Cryptocurrency Commando Music”.

    Once selected, these great tracks will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The music creators will receive at least 75% of the auction proceeds or $2,500. In addition, going forward, both the owner and the original creator will receive regular in-game rewards based on how often the track is played.

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