• Is CryptoKitties the next breakthrough NFT collectible? Trading volume data suggests so

  • CryptoKitties, the blockchain game that acquired NFT’s JPEG on Ether, has touched nearly $7 million in the last 24 hours, according to recent volume data.CryptoKitties has traded at 1,783.59 ETH, or $6,915.655 in just 24h. Since September 2nd, trading volume has risen from 1,436.09 ETH to $5,588,017. Furthermore, this shows a conclusive average price of 6.6795 ETH, which is equivalent to $26,007.83 USD.

    CryptoKitties is continuing to surge, with total monthly sales rising from 6,831 on August 2 to 8,440 on September 2, 2021

    The monthly dollars spent on CryptoKitties in August was $338,840.96. However, September saw a surprising spike in results to $492,249,996.1.

    The monthly active marketplace wallet was 2,417 on August 2 and spiked to 6,042 on September 2, 2021.

    CryptoKitties belongs to the OG group of NFT projects. VirtualCat’s NFT is once again looking up and is quickly gaining traction in the NFT space. Moreover, unlike the outrageously expensive Tokenization space, CryptoKitties has managed to stay stylishly priced. Affordability is also further expanding its reach and expanding the NFT community.

    CryptoPunks NFT

    While CryptoKitties are just starting to gain traction, its rival CryptoPunks are becoming the new darling of the market with the support of ETH Whales. Replacing Whales’ Mania’s recent CryptoPunk purchase, prices for these tiny, pixelated JPEGs have spiked 53% in the past week.

    The market saw a special buying spree for CryptoPunk after Etherscan Whale invested more than $6 million in CryptoPunks for the first time last week. According to Etherscan, over 100 wallets of NFTs were mined last Friday, which in turn raised the average price of CryptoPunk NFT from 24ETH to 29ETH.

    ETH hits NFT

    The NFT market was broken last month when a JPEG photo of the rocks sold for $1.3 million. These rock tokens are known as ETH Rocks and were created in December 2017. However, the NFT community has gone crazy as the supply of these virtual rocks, was limited to 100. This in turn caused the price floor to rise to 730 ETH, or nearly $2.3 million.

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