• CryptoPunk’s Owners Reject $9.5 Million Bid for Its Rare NFT

  • The owner of the non-forgeable token (NFT) CryptoPunk #6046 has rejected an offer of 2,500 ETH (about $9.5 million) for its NFT. If it had sold, it would have been CryptoPunk’s largest sale ever in terms of dollar amount.

    Bidders on the Larva Labs marketplace under the name poap.eth made their bid 15 hours after CryptoPunk’s owner (who goes by Richerd) tweeted.” My punk is not for sale. Don’t care what anyone offers me.” His punk has rare features such as 3D glasses (3% of CryptoPunks have this feature), a cigarette in his mouth (10%) and “scruffy” hair (4%).

    CryptoPunk #6046

    In response to the bid, Richerd tweeted.” Y’all wanna see what a diamond hand looks like?” Richerd later told us that he rejected the offer. The bid is now marked as “withdrawn” at Larva Labs.

    CryptoPunks is an NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated images created by startup Larva Labs.CryptoPunks is currently the highest NFT collection ever on NFT marketplace OpenSea, with total sales of more than 551,000,000 ETH (about $2.1 billion).

    The average price of CryptoPunk has risen significantly over the past two months. on August 1, the value of a CryptoPunk was approximately $93,000, and at press time it was approximately $465,000, a 400% increase.

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