• Cyball’s NFT series sold out in under a minute

  • CyBall’s NFT drop sold out in under a minute, breaking a Binance market record.

    CyBall Genesis Triple Initial Game Offering (IGO) NFTs is breaking records across all three platforms. It launched on November 4 across three major platforms, including Binance, GuidFi and CyBall.

    On Binance NFTs, trading volume rose to $1.52 million within one hour of trading and then to $10 million within seven days. In addition, the volume equates to the 9th place in OpenSea’s top NFT ranking. The baseline price of the CyBall Genesis package has risen by more than 300% since the IGO sale began.

    Binance NFT, GuildFi and CyBall all took part in this incredible adventure.IGO is running on all three platforms simultaneously. Incredibly successful, demand caused GuildFi’s website to crash as people rushed to get on the whitelist. However, the problem didn’t last long. However, it did show that there was a huge demand.

    CyBall (CyBloc Football) is a football based NFT game. The play-to-earn game allows users to collect CyBlocs. cyBlocs can be traded, trained, or used in combat.

    CyBlocs are CyBorg characters that are sold as part of CyBall’s NFT. The game will initially launch on the Binance smart chain. Although, there are plans for the game to make its way to Solana in the future.

    GuildFi is a Web3 metaverse platform. The platform maximizes player benefits and enables interoperability across the metaverse. The collaboration between the three is significant, and they hope to shape the future of play-to-play games.

    Play-to-earn games will be a huge part of the metaverse and many companies are looking to implement gamification. cyball’s NFT series proves that this is a huge market.

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