• CyberKongz Randomly Generated VoxEdit Series Lands in The Sandbox

  • In exciting news for CyberKongz fans, the team has partnered with The Sandbox to build and create further on the land they have purchased at The Sandbox. The team will be building an epic world capable of housing a variety of factions to explore alongside their fellow characters such as the High Hat Gang, VR Corps, Cyberbrains, and even one of the many Pirate Kongz.

    The project CyberKongz VX is the first ever collection of randomly generated NFTs created using VoxEdit. This means that all CyberKongz VX will be able to play as avatars in the Sandbox through an innovative new layer of NFT interoperability.Holders of CyberKongz VX will also have access to the in-game revenue mechanics that The Sandbox offers to players.

    CyberKongz already has a tight-knit community, with the initial 10,000 Kongz selling out in less than 30 minutes. With the shift from 2D origins to 3D voxel dwellers, everyone will have a chance to join in on the fun. The tiered system of Genesis, Baby and now VX ensures that there is a place for everyone. The team aspires to create a large city and active economy in the sandbox and allow thousands of players to take action in their game ecosystem.

    CyberKongz already has some large plots and first-class buildings in the sandbox, and Kongz Island is about to be born. It will be a huge island, a mix of ancient ruins, vast jungles and vast areas divided into different biomes, from icy landscapes to desert canyons. The capital of Kongz Island will serve as the main social centre for all visitors.

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