• Dark Country launches the long-awaited Lands Gameplay on WAX Mainnet

  • Dark Country has just announced its Lands Gameplay on WAX Mainnet. Through this announcement, the team introduced a few changes and updates that will improve the gaming experience.

    The American trading goth game is currently running in test mode. At the moment, its token – TDM (Test Time) – is not a blockchain token. It is a test token that will be deleted once the game is over the beta phase. Additionally, Flow mainnet will be added to the game this week.

    The Dark Country team also announced the addition of a guild house for soldier recruitment and guild management; several UI/UX improvements; deflation ratio; the addition of a 3-day unstaking delay; Hero Staking rewards; bug fixes and more stability.

    The team also revealed a building upgrade. This upgrade allows players to spend SDM on upgrading buildings, which in turn allows them to perform more actions and earn Influence Rewards. The buildings featured in this upgrade are taverns, banks, headquarters and guild houses.

    What’s Dark Country?

    Dark Country is a play-to-earn, deck-building card battler game and multi-chain land-based universe on the Wax blockchain. The four pillars of Dark Country are battling, building, exploring, owning and earning.

    The gameplay takes place in the “Dark Country” and follows the storyline of a chief who accidentally wakes up an ancient evil. The game also involves cowboys, criminals, Indians and undead demons.

    Players must select one of these four groups for their powers, and build decks with the cards in their inventory. They can also participate in tournaments, PVP and PVE battles with classic card trading battle mechanics or hero-powered boards.

    Dark Country recently announced its 2022 roadmap. This roadmap outlines game expansion, overall gameplay improvements as well as lots of exciting new features.

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