• DC embarks on massive comic book cover NFT giveaway

  • The bastion of the comic book industry, DC Comics, is gearing up for an epic NFT giveaway. Every year, DC’s peeps host a special, free, virtual event dubbed “FanDome” where the esteemed graphic novel publisher will hand out free NFTs to everyone!

    This event will showcase the latest products and upcoming projects within the Detective Comics ecosystem. Expect updates on well-known superheroes like Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more.

    As an added bonus offered by the next FanDome-ness, DC has planned a huge NFT giveaway. As such, anyone who signs up for the event before the price drop will receive a free digital comic cover. The total availability has not yet been announced, however, there are three scarcity levels of NFT that represent DC’s rich 87-year comics history.

    The historic event, live from the FanDome, is a four-hour thrill ride of superhero insight. Last year’s famous event amassed 22 million unique viewers. However, this year’s event looks set to blow those numbers out of the water.

    So register before it starts on October 5 and wait in line to see what the NFT has to offer. Then, find a comfortable place to enjoy the FanDome itself, starting at 10 a.m. on Oct. 16.

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