• DeadFrenz Mint Passes Go Live for DeadFellaz Holders

  • DeadFrenz Lab Access Pass minting is officially open! It will run for seven days, so you have until February 11 to score one!

    To recap, your Lab Access Pass acts as your mint pass to the Deadfrenz collection by Deadfellaz. Holders of Deadfellaz, Deadfellaz Infected S1, and Betty Pop Horror NFTs can claim one Lab Access Pass per token.

    Everything You Need to Know About the DeadFrenz Mint Pass

    The team had to pause the minting for a while because they “identified an error with pass allocation.” The team promised to refund any loss gas for the failed transaction. Fortunately, the team was able to deploy the fix within two hours.

    The catch is that costs for the Lab Access Pass vary depending on whether you’re already a Deadfellaz NFT owner or not:

    Deadfellaz 10k Holders: free mint + gas
    Deadfellaz Infected S1 Holders: 0.1eth + gas
    Betty Pop Horror Holders: 0.1eth + gas
    Public Reserved Mint List: 0.15eth + gas

    The feedback to the model is generally positive. One user noted, “All went super smooth. I was anxious about gas before but very clever and nice how you did it. Now ill wait patiently for the big day.”

    Lastly, take note that holders of Deadfellaz with specific traits will be given a special Lab Access pass that allows them to mint a hybrid fren. These traits are white glasses, a dark grey band tee, and a blue stripe. Then, as a special bonus, the team will randomly airdrop 13 Special Lab Access Passes to mint 1 of the 13 1/1 Alpha Deadfrenz to 13 Lab Access Pass holders on February 10!

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