• Deadlime Games is All Set to Launch Dream Babes NFT Collectibles and Game

  • Deadlime Games is gearing up to launch Dream Babes, an NFT collectibles project on the Ethereum blockchain. What’s more, the NFTs will serve as the characters in the upcoming Dream Babes mobile game. It will be available on both iOS and Android on February 14. On the other hand, the NFT collection will drop at 8 pm UTC on January 28. Each NFT will cost 0.1 ETH for T1 Whitelist, with the price increasing to 0.12 for the T2 Whitelist, and to 0.15 for the general public.

    Deadlime Games boasts a team of veteran game developers that have launched over 100 games. All in all, over 25 million users play their games across the globe. Now, their latest game, Dream Babes, is one of the first-ever SFW idle-clicker dating sim games.

    Dream Babes NFT collection features 10,000 NFTs

    The Dream Babes NFT collection consists of a total of 10,000 NFT characters digitally hand-drawn by world-renowned Deadlime artists. Besides, the NFTs are generated from over 360 traits. These include Eyes, Body, Hair, Coat, Dresses, Accessories, Eyeglasses, and much more. Overall, there are 16 traits with 6 to 41 possible variations!

    Interestingly, Deadlime Games will tokenise each collectible with a special access code. Basically, you can use your MetaMask wallet as proof of purchase and get your unique access code. Using this, you will be able to use your NFT characters in the Dream Babes game. Once you enter the game, it will unlock your character to reveal an entertaining story, completely tailored and unique to your NFT character!

    Alternatively, you can use the characters in the existing Fap CEO game, once the collection is sold out. Fap CEO is one of the biggest adult games worldwide with over 7 million players.

    The Dream Babes NFT project also has a detailed roadmap in place. It includes a special edition 1/1 Dream Babe giveaway, 0.3 ETH raffle, NFT Reveal Party, and much more.

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