• Decentrafun’s in-depth conference in Decentraland

  • Decentrafun Art Gallery is proud to present Deep Sessions, a monthly gathering of music and fantastic art.Decentraland’s club scene will never be the same again.

    The Metaverse showcase of great art, Decentrafun, is hosting a series of monthly events showcasing the best talent in music and art. The last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each month will be celebrated in grand style at this esteemed gallery.

    This month’s event will feature an eclectic mix of DJs and artists showcasing their talents. As such, the event’s soundtrack will present a variety of pre-recorded and live settings. This will include music for all tastes, including deep house, world music, and acoustic sessions. In addition, each monthly event intends to showcase a single musical artist, while also supporting rising stars.

    As an added bonus, each event will have a unique NFT be the subject of a giveaway. With this in mind, the winner will be chosen at random from attendees of the Decentraland and Discord channels. Each event will feature a limited edition wearable.

    The event starts at 2pm on August 26th and runs until 3pm on August 28th. Once you get there, don’t forget to pick up your POAP!

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