• Decentral Games and Polygon Network Join Forces

  • Community-owned metavers casino Decentral Games has announced a strategic partnership with second tier pioneer Polygon. This new alliance will streamline the platform and provide a host of benefits to end users.

    Working with Polygon Studios, Polygon’s new gaming division, Decentral Games intends to address many of the challenges surrounding game mechanics. With that in mind, they will address issues such as scalability, interoperability, speed, and the dreaded gas bill.

    Decentral Games will make full use of Polygon’s state-of-the-art extension protocols. This in turn will improve the performance of the entire platform and provide a stable and scalable ecosystem for the project. In addition, the federation will improve interoperability between Ether projects residing on Polygon’s network and will eliminate outages, minimize maintenance downtime, and allow for seamless cross-chain transfers.

    In addition, Polygon has committed to support Decentral Games by investing in and pledging native $DG tokens for Decentral Games, the latest in a long line of blockchain applications leveraging Polygon’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

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