• Decentral Games releases “Play to Earn” meta-poker

  • Decentral Games is further expanding its offerings in gaming and cryptocurrency with its latest development of free-to-play, play-to-earn Metaverse Poker.

    The game will be offered by ICE Poker, which offers a unique economic structure for players. $ICE is free-to-play, play-to-earn tokens and deflationary game currency that users will gain primarily through play.

    To start earning $ICE, players will first have to acquire an exclusive Iced NFT wearable through purchase or commission. The more Iced NFTs a player has, the more chips they are allotted each day with which they can play ICE Poker. Players earn daily ICE dollars by signing in, completing 3 randomly assigned challenges, and competing against each other on the daily leaderboard to earn performance multipliers.

    There will be a special Genesis Frozen NFT drop including 600 NFTs wearables starting at 0.1 ETH. details of the drop will be announced in late September and the full launch of the ICE Poker game will take place in October. the main goal of DG Play to Earn Dollar Poker, ICE Tokens and Iced NFT wearables marketplace is to build deep player through daily play and competition Mobility.

    Launch partners for the game include big names and brands such as Binance Ventures, Decentraland, Polygon, Collab+Currency, gmoney, Hashkey Capital and Ar.ca Funds.

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