• Decentraland Announces Its “Play to Earn” Incubator Program

  • Decentraland is looking for the best developers in the meta-universe to kick-start the blockchain gaming revolution. As such, the platform seeks to nurture and fund three teams to lead the way into 2022 gaming revenue.

    Decentraland’s incubator program is an initiative that aims to guide budding developers through the minefield of making money from games. As such, the crafty metadata pioneer will offer support to several creator teams through their esteemed foundation.

    After three teams are selected by the Decentraland Foundation, they will be paired with mentors and advisors. These sponsors will provide the support needed to bring these projects to fruition and beyond. Rumor has it that an undisclosed sponsor will also fund the other three teams in the program.

    The purpose of the Incubator program is to increase the production of games in the respectable world of metagaming. By providing support and funding, the rate of production of these games will be greatly increased, resulting in a large number of “paid games” arriving in 2022.

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