• Decentraland加入了Blender Development Fund

  • Decentraland has joined the Blender Development Fund, a great initiative that will reverberate throughout the metaverse. As such, this esteemed virtual world will help provide top-notch 3D rendering tools to a wide range of developers.

    For those of you who don’t know, Blender is a powerful, free, open source 3D modeling platform. In addition to over 14 million downloads, it is available to thousands of professional developers worldwide and is maintained by a team of tireless programmers with the support of the Blender Development Fund. The platform is licensed under the Universal Platform License, ensuring that it will always remain free. However, in order to maintain its excellence, it needs funding.

    Decentraland will actively support one of the core programs used to design the platform, ensuring its future use in the digital space. In addition, it will provide Decentraland with a voice within the development community.

    This new protocol began as a suggestion from one member and then evolved into a full-blown movement. After that, it gained traction at Decentraland’s DAO and then got unanimous approval to include it. The rest is history.

    Decentraland has joined the ranks of some of the most powerful organizations in the digital space, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple. All united by a common goal to maintain a free and open source 3D modeling platform and provide access to users worldwide.

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