• Decentraland对Decentral Games Token进行投资

  • Decentraland, a pioneer in decentralized meta, has partnered with Decentral Games (DG), a poker DAO that plays to earn meta.Decentraland has invested in $DG, a native and governance token for the Decentral Games platform.

    The funding (unspecified) will help with the launch of DG’s newest game, ICE Poker. The game offers players a unique economic structure through game tokens and a deflationary game currency that users will earn primarily through play.

    Holders of DG tokens will reap many benefits as the launch of ICE Poker will usher in more daily active user accounts and increase the cash flow that DG DAO receives from stake-based transactions on the platform. In this year alone, $DG Treasury has grown from $500,000 to over $12 million in just a few months, and ICE Poker will increase that number.

    “The Decentraland Foundation is pleased to support Decentral Games’ new games in the meta-universe,” said Agustin Ferreira, Head of Foundation at the Decentraland Foundation.” The free-to-play architecture has experienced phenomenal growth recently and we believe it will allow the Decentraland platform and community to continue on its journey of decentralized expansion.”

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