• Def-2-Earn NFT Games, Knight Wars Divine Trio Announce Massive Public Release of Dual IDO Gear

  • The NFT game is quickly becoming a big thing in the world of cryptocurrency. In the wake of NFT’s success, multiple stakeholders are beginning to rise within this emerging space. It has created a space for people to monetize their creativity and showcase their talents in a way that seamlessly connects between industries.

    The NFT game Axie Infinity is one such success story. Created by Sky Mavis Games, the game centers on collecting creatures called Axies, which can be traded between players. This simple premise got players all over the world to get involved and start trading their own Axies. this caused the price of the project’s tokens to skyrocket and made it possible for people to make a living out of it.

    After the popularity of Axie Infinity, many other NFT games started popping up around the NFT gaming community. While none of them have been able to fully replicate its success, they have managed to carve out their own space within the community. One of these games is Knight Wars – The Holy Trio from Oasis Metaverse Studios.

    Knights War is the first Def-2-Earn game and describes itself as an “idle game”. Based on the premise of defending with one of three heroes, it plans to seamlessly blend the idle defense game genre with NFT technology. Mighty knights, sharp archers and clever mages are the soldiers of ancient Earth. In the dream world of Kahla, players must accelerate the task of defeating demons by crafting incredible equipment that can help the Alliance overthrow them. The story unfolds with the start of the Knight Wars caused by the Great Meteor Shower. Players will be able to earn in-game items and currency that can be exchanged for real-life currency.

    IDO will be available on two platforms

    The 1st Def-2-Earn game recently announced its initial Dex release, scheduled for September 26th at 9am UTC for its native token KWS (Knight War Spirits). Unlike other releases, the studio plans to release on both platforms at the same time. As such, it will appear on both Red Kite and BSC stations. While this may split their community, it could also be a positive in terms of fundraising. Launching on both platforms will allow community members to choose their preferred platform to use when launching IDO on the 26th.

    IDO has quite a few benefits for a new project looking to establish itself on the blockchain. Some of them are.

    Instant liquidity

    A token’s liquidity is very important. If a token does not provide fast liquidity, it could be disastrous for its value. At all price levels, liquidity pools can provide liquidity without slippage. In order to achieve a token swap in a liquidity pool, the project first needs the token to have some value in order to gain liquidity.

    Available for immediate trading

    Investors start trading a project’s tokens as soon as they are released. During IDO, early token buyers can sell their tokens at a much higher price. With price fluctuations starting immediately after the first buyer purchases, the early birds have the opportunity to make a large profit.

    Reduced Costs

    If a project’s tokens utilize a liquidity exchange, installing a new smart contract only costs a few dollars in gas. Smart contracts can also control asset tokens and liquidity pools.

    Effective and secure fundraising

    The launch of IDO allows for the immediate creation of tokens and liquidity compared to traditional fundraising methods. Initially, individual investors purchase a large number of tokens at a lower price. In addition, the value of the tokens increases when they are sold to the public.

    With Knight Wars running its IDO on two fronts, it can reap twice the return. Combined with this, it can also reach a larger audience than it would otherwise. On the other hand, managing it on two fronts also has the potential to double the problems that arise.

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