• Defina Finance (FINA) rallies over 120% in one week

  • Defina Finance (FINA) rallied over 120% in one week.

    It is an online gaming platform that utilizes the “play to earn” concept.

    Defina Finance has joined the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

    The adoption of cryptocurrencies is known to be massive and its popularity has reached different levels. Using blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially in a decade. The blockchain network provides secure and real-time access to the public. Moreover, it is a decentralized network with no central intermediaries.

    Importantly, leveraging decentralization has become a trend, and in addition to digital assets, DeFi and NFTs have attracted a lot of investor interest. In addition, gaming platforms in the cryptocurrency space have gained traction since Axie Infinity hit the ground running.” The concept of “earn while you play” has already attracted the interest of some institutional investors. Similarly, Defina Finance (FINA) is one such gaming platform whose cryptocurrency soared up to 120% in a week.

    Defina Finance is an online blockchain gaming platform that uses and combines decentralized finance (Defi) and NFTs. it allows players to own and monetize gaming assets through gaming and training. The platform has implemented a game-to-revenue concept that rewards players for playing and trading their assets.

    Current market conditions

    Defina Finance (FINA) is trading at $3.78 with a volume of $20,069,656 in the last 24 hours.FINA jumped over 120% in one week and 26% in the last 24 hours. Moreover, it has a rank of 889 and its circulating supply stands at 4,358,300 FINA coins.

    The price value of FINA has spiked from $1.53 to $4.53 in one week, which looks shocking. As a result, FINA can be traded on top exchanges like ZT, BKEX, PancakeSwap (V2), MEXC and DOD BSC.

    Defina Finance joins Binance

    According to a recent update, Defina Finance has announced a partnership with the Binance smart chain on October 22nd.Binance integrates a unique gaming experience for its users by joining forces with Defina Finance. This launch could maximize the potential growth of the gaming platform in November.

    However, the partnership with BSC could be the reason for the spike in FINA prices. Users are experiencing a sweet spot as FINA is showing a bullish stance. If this trend continues, then it could set a new all-time high with the current price being only 19% lower. With constant progress and updates, users believe that FINA has the potential to reach heights.

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