• DentedFeels NFT Sold Out: The Ousted Weather Report Artist Is Back

  • The highly anticipated DentedFeels NFT collection is here, and it sold out quickly. The NFT community rushed to buy this colourful, unique artwork and support the artist behind the project, @Dentinmyhead.

    DentedFeels is a collection of 11,111 bright, emotive avatars. Described as ‘An emotional NFT collection incorporating all the moods and seasons. Created by feelings, for the everyday dreamer.’

    This new project features some beautiful, distinctive art and a roadmap outline that, although basic, focuses on empowering others. They also plan to donate to like-minded foundations. DentedFeels is currently at 0.3 ETH on Opensea following a successful launch.

    The creator of DentedFeels, Dentin, is the original artist behind the Weather Report NFT collection. Dentin departed the project in unfortunate circumstances, but he claims the project forced him to leave. In a tweet, he wrote ‘WEATHER REPORT EXPOSED’, along with a nine-page document detailing his views.

    Meanwhile, it took a nasty turn after Weather Report creator, ZachGoesHard posted a message in the Weather Report Discord. Reportedly, he offered whitelist spaces to the first five people who unfollowed Dentin, the DentedFeels creator.

    Many in the NFT community pointed out that this was bullying. Eventually, Zach apologized, stating, “I want to apologize to the community for how I handled myself during this situation. I pride myself on maintaining professionalism. I realize that I let a lot of you as well as myself down with some of the statements I made.”

    Since then, Weather Report hired four new artists to create the art for their collection. Now, it appears that Dentin is putting the whole thing behind him and focusing on what he does best, making art. The DentedFeels project is in its infancy, but it is promising.

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