• DIA Platform Provides Interconnectivity for NFTs in the Metaverse

  • DIA (Decentralized Information Asset), an open source Oracle platform for decentralized finance, is integrating and extending its services to the NFT ecosystem. The NFT market has experienced tremendous growth since the beginning of this year, and with this in mind, DIA is launching a data provisioning service with a core building block to interconnect the meta-universe.

    DIA’s strategic offering will focus specifically on allowing portability and connectivity between different disparate blockchains in a currently disconnected ecosystem. This interconnection layer, driven by a transparent and unified data infrastructure, will usher in further innovation and the development of new applications.

    DIA’s infrastructure will serve as the foundation for new use cases. Some of the use cases that are already underway and will continue to evolve include NFT funds across ecosystems, enabling heterogeneous collateral and loan products for the DeFi lending platform, portability of wearable devices across meta-domains, and more.

    “The emergence of metaspace is by no means new. Technology has been moving in this direction for decades, and the new and still nascent web3 technology stack will enable a whole new level of innovation and adoption velocity,” said DIA founder Michael Weber in a press release.” We’re going to see use cases that no one can think of today. But one thing is clear. Data will be a key factor in connecting still disparate domains and creating a connected and orchestrated meta-universe.”

    Alongside its entry into the NFT market, DIA is also releasing its own Autonomous Rights Tokens (ARTs).ARTs are practical NFTs that act as keys to smart contracts to access the DIA oracle.ARTs reference the source of data and the rights provided, enabling permissionless and autonomous connectivity and tracking of data across the NFT ecosystem.

    A limited edition of 150 ARTs will be launched at the DIA conference in Decentraland on September 7 (further details will be announced). These Genesis ARTs will mark the first distribution of metadata access keys for the 15 most relevant NFT projects currently in the space.

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