• Digital Pets are On The Rise: Here’s How You Can Adopt One

  • After the NFT market explosion in 2021, many sub-niches are now on the rise – including digital pets! In fact, NFT influencers and collectors such as Matty (@DCLBlogger) believe this area will skyrocket in popularity this year.

    Of course, many iconic NFT projects launched their own pet collections too, including BAYC’s Bored Ape Kennel Club. Meanwhile, other devs are exploring new ways to integrate our real four-legged companions into the Metaverse.

    But why are digital pets suddenly so popular these days?

    According to a recent analysis conducted by Similarweb, physical pet products and adoption platforms have become increasingly popular since 2020. The main reason, experts believe, is trying to cope with pandemic isolation.

    However, not everybody can own a pet IRL – and that’s where digital pets stepped in. Surprisingly, this niche soared in popularity even more than the physical pet-related platforms! For example, the giant virtual pets platform Tamagochi recorded 750% more visits last year compared to its pre-pandemic traffic.

    In summary, Twitter NFT influencer Matty seems to be right about his recent digital pets prediction:

    As the NFT market exploded in 2021, so has the digital pets niche. Thanks to blockchain technology, people can now interact with their virtual buddies more than ever before.

    For example, the popular Cool Cats NFT project has just launched Cool Pets. Much like real-life pets, these virtual assets require food, water, and other items to evolve into the ecosystem. Other popular pet NFT collections are the Bored Ape Kennel Club and Gutter Cat Gang, both currently available via OpenSea.

    But what if you already own a physical pet? Well, projects such as ClassicDoge allow users to bring their real-life best friends into the digital world too!

    Bringing real pets into the Metaverse

    ClassicDoge is a perfect example of merging the virtual and physical worlds using high-tech tools. Basically, this platform allows you to create an ultra-HD 3D NFT of your real-life pet. Accordingly, holders can use these digital pets to play blockchain games, interact on social platforms, and even enjoy VR experiences.

    What’s more, ClassicDoge NFT holders can enjoy breeding their beloved digital pets while interacting within the Metaverse. The platform also offers clothing items, games, and training sessions for a complete digital pet experience – all in the form of NFTs.

    In short, the virtual pets niche has evolved impressively in recent months, and this is probably just the beginning. Thanks to NFTs, holders can now train, breed, and trade four-legged friends – or simply enjoy their virtual four-legged buddies’ company.

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