• Dikemex network builds metaverse and NFT platforms

  • As blockchain is entering the mainstream, it is paving the way for DeFi, NFT and cryptocurrencies. This is why the industry is witnessing a proliferation of promising ventures like Dikemex Network.

    The live streaming platform presents multiple use cases in different niches. From dApps, cryptocurrencies, hot wallets to NFTs, Dikemex Network is rapidly expanding its ecosystem. The venture is even building its metaverse and NFT marketplace.

    Despite releasing in 2020, the end-to-end scalable platform serves advanced features such as the development of a live streaming platform via blockchain technology. Moreover, Dikemex Network even rewards users for streaming and sharing content on the platform.

    The more contributions users make, the better the rewards they can receive. Since the venture supports multiple devices, users can share content on any operating system without hindering quality.

    In addition, the network cuts the cost of video delivery to the platform while promoting user engagement and driving new prospects. With its user-centric approach, the Diikemex network can appeal to a wide audience. In addition, the venture integrates smart contract capabilities to help users own assets digitally.

    This feature also allows users to access consumer payment models, trustless crowdfunding, seamless royalty distribution, and much more. It adds an extra level of user interaction and economic stability to the platform, increasing user retention.

    In addition to such use cases, the network is also expanding its wings in niche markets such as NFTs. the Dikemex network has even curated a custom NFT system for its users.

    What is Dikemex Network’s NFT?

    NFTs or non-forgeable tokens are no longer a foreign concept to the masses. The year witnessed several NFT-based projects earning billions of dollars. This phenomenon broke through unconventional industries such as real estate while boosting mainstream industries such as gaming and music.

    NFT has become a boon for artists and the Dikemex network is enhancing its use. The network is providing a platform where artists can auction their works and collections. It will also conduct product listings and auctions, including in-game items, encrypted collectibles, virtual signatures, digital art, and more.

    Exclusivity is the main selling point of NFT, as they have only one official owner at the same time. In addition, blockchain technology powers them, making it impossible to duplicate or copy them.

    As a live-focused platform, Dikemex Network will allow users to live stream and monetize with NFTs. In addition, the platform will offer a dedicated board where viewers can incentivize streaming through NFT project gifts.

    In addition, Dikemex will allow game operators to track ownership of in-game assets, boosting the in-game economy while rewarding players. In addition, gamers can trade items to incentivize their in-game efforts. The upcoming Dikemex NFT marketplace will provide a trading platform for these purposes.

    The network will also benefit developers by offering royalty rewards for items. A prime example of this would be a developer being rewarded if one of his items is resold on the marketplace. It would even guarantee in-game mechanics, as the player’s NFT would remain safe even if the game goes down.

    With these features, Dikemex would be the ideal meta-universe for NFT and blockchain related activities.Dikemex’s Metaverse as a fully functional virtual space will appeal to gamers, developers, operators and artists.

    In addition, the network plans to release its local token called DIK. It will serve as a governance token that will assign administrative privileges to users. However, Dikemex has fixed the supply of DIK tokens at 11 billion units, creating an artificial scarcity.

    In addition to governance, DIK holders can use the token for NFT exchanges, video sharing, payments, live streaming, and smart contract integration.

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