• Disney Pixar Pals NFT Collectibles Set To Drop On Veve

  • Pixar Animation Studios launches its Pixar Partners NFT series on Sunday, March 13 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Pixar, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, has created some of the most beloved animated films in history. The list includes Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Cars, Coco, Ratatouille, and much more. The upcoming Pixar Pals NFT collection will celebrate some of the most iconic characters and moments from Pixar’s stellar line-up of movies.

    Rendered in full-colour detail, the NFT collectibles will drop on the NFT marketplace, VeVe. Last year, the platform had launched the VeVe Disney+ NFT collection to celebrate the first annual Disney+ Day.

    Pixar Pals NFT collectibles: What’s in the collection?

    First and foremost, all the Pixar Pals NFT collectibles will come in blind boxes. In other words, you won’t have any idea which collectible or rarity you will get. Once you open the blind box, you can buy others or trade with other users to complete your set. All the NFTs cost $60 each.

    So, what are some of the collectibles in the collection?

    First up, there is ‘Woody: Hey Howdy Hey!’ featuring Woody from Toy Story. This is a ‘Common’ collectible with 13,999 editions. Mike Wazowski is another Common collectible with the same number of editions. On the other hand, Lightning McQueen from the film, Cars has an ‘Uncommon’ rarity with 10,999 editions in all.

    Meanwhile, ‘The House from Up: Adventure Is Out There!’ has a ‘Rare’ rarity. There are only 8,999 of these NFTs in supply. Lastly, Edna Mode is the rarest NFT in the collection. With just 6,999 editions, these fall in the ‘Ultra Rare’ category.

    All in all, Pixar Pals NFT collectibles is a treat for all the fans of Pixar movies!

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