• Disney Rumored To Acquire A Big NFT Collection

  • Recently, there have been rumours circulating of entertainment giants, Disney acquiring an NFT collection. There has been much speculation over who it may be, with many big names in the crypto space chiming in with their ideas on Twitter. This deal, if it goes through, would be similar to Nike acquiring RTFKT Studios.

    About The Rumours

    The rumours began circulating yesterday after Jamie Burke on Twitter mentioned “Rumour is Disney is about to make a big NFT acquisition.”, he continued: “If it happens it would be the biggest deal to date in the industry. Let’s see how it plays out…”

    The Tweet received replies from many big names in the NFT space including GaryVee who simply said “Hmmmm”. Also, Snoop Dogg chimed in and said “Heard a rumor that Disney is buying the doggies”, presumably joking.

    Some people mentioned Cool Cats, Super Yeti, Doodles and more. Further, a screenshot was also shared from Coolman Coffeedan of Coolman’s Universe on Discord saying he was going into a meeting with Disney. You can see all the responses here. Burke later confirmed that someone in the thread was right, by saying “All I’m going to say is someone in the thread got it”.

    Several people also suggested VeVe, to which Burke replied “Yeh it’s not VeVe”.

    This situation has of course been compared to Nike acquiring RTFKT Studios. Which was a huge, multinational company acquiring a growing NFT project. People have also called this move by Disney a genius move on the marketing side if it goes through and is a great project.

    Disney’s Previous NFT Work

    Since November 2021 when they released their Golden Moments NFTs, Disney has released various NFTs on the VeVe platform. VeVe is a digital collectibles platform specialising in licensed NFTs for big companies and IPs like DC, Marvel, James Bond and Disney.

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