• Dissrup To Auction Off Lady Gaga x Grimes Masks Plus An NFT Collection

  • The platform for high-end digital art and culture, Dissrup, has just announced the launch of Vini Naso’s “Masks of the Immaterial.” This collection will feature unique digital artworks, as well as hand-crafted physical and AR wearable masks created in collaboration with renowned artists. What’s more, pop culture icons Lady Gaga and Grimes wore these masks as music video accessories.

    About Vini Naso’s “Masks of the Immaterial” Genesis Collection

    The Genesis Collection will include three phygital masks and digital editions. The three masks included in this collection include “The Hero Mask” by Lance V. Moore, worn by Lady Gaga in her ‘911’ music video; “The Shadow Mask” by Moore, worn by Grimes in her ‘Shinigami Eyes’ music video; as well as “The Fates Mask,” designed by Naso and Moore exclusively for this collection.

    Dissrup will sell the three phygital masks individually. In addition to the mask, each mask includes a one-of-one digital artwork by Vini Naso and a wearable AR mask duplicate.

    Carl Jung’s book, “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious” inspired this collection. According to Vino Naso, “Masks of Immaterial” discusses the “unseen forces that guide our decisions and fate.” “I am fascinated about how masks help us tap into less conscious parts of our personality and transition more fluidly between archetypes allowing our latent potentials to be actualized,” he explained.

    About Dissrup

    According to Yam Ben Adiva, Co-founder of Dissrup: “Collections like these reaffirm what we believe in – NFT technology will help us deliver new mediums for work of cultural and artistic significance.” Therefore, Dissrup is proud to expand its portfolio by welcoming such esteemed artists.

    Dissrup is a platform that offers cultural enthusiasts digital and phygital collectibles. What makes Dissrup different is that NFT holders can use the collectibles in both virtual and real-life contexts. Through this collaboration, Dissrup hopes to continue challenging people’s preconceptions about NFTs.

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