• DJ Alan Walker partners with Corite to launch NFT collection

  • DJ Alan Walker, a world-renowned DJ and producer, has sealed a partnership with Corite to launch a new NFT collection.

    The British-Norwegian, acclaimed globally for his hit “Fade”, is to collaborate with the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform on the artist’s fan campaign around the upcoming Origins EP.

    Apart from Fade, the EP will also feature a re-release of Walker’s early hits “Spectre” and “Force” .

    Alan Walker commented on the NFT collection stating:

    With the Origin campaign, I wish to give the fans a chance to own a part of our shared history. Fade, Force, and Spectre was my first big step into music. But more importantly, the songs serve as a snapshot of how and when we met for the first time, as a community.”

    Corite users to earn as share of revenue

    According to the announcement, Corite users will have an opportunity to earn a share of all the revenue accrued from streaming platforms. However, it’s only those users that contribute to the fan campaigns of each song that will get this opportunity. The EP campaign targets $75,000.

    The campaign also features an NFT video reveal, where fans will get minting hints across social media channels. The NFTs will represent a section of DJ Walker’s music videos for each of the EP’s tracks. Walker added in a statement shared with us :

    The Walkers have really outdone themselves and humbled us all with their support for our first fan campaign, centered around Unity. I believe nothing is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why giving back is at the core of our fan campaigns.”

    The announcement, which came as part of the 4th annual NFT.NYC Conference, was broadcast across several huge LED screens in New York’s Times Square.

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