• DJ Paul Oakenfold ushers in the next phase of electronic music with Cardano, set to release NFT

  • Pioneering DJ Paul Oakenfold, dance music entrepreneur Alon Shulman and Input Output Global founder Charles Hoskinson have announced the next phase in the development of electronic music culture.

    Speaking on stage at Cardano Summit in Laramie, Wyoming, they revealed that Starship Universe will soon be releasing thousands of NFTs on Cardano, including stunning one-of-a-kind digital artwork.

    Along with the NFT drop, Universe will be releasing what CEO Alon Shulman called a “very special album.” Every aspect of the campaign, from the cover art and sleeve notes to the tracks and remixes will be placed on the blockchain. The Universe™ album, titled Zombie Lobster, is a collaboration between Charles Hoskinson and Paul Oakenfold.

    Charles Hoskinson said, “Understanding the electronic music industry.

    and how blockchain can support it is a revelation. Learn how blockchains like Cardano can benefit producers and managers like Alon Shulman, artists like Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox, organizations like Universe, and artists like Carl Cox.

    Cox, organizations like Universe, and labels like Awesome Soundwave and Perfecto, and the scale they achieve.

    The scale they achieve will allow us to connect our technology to their creativity.

    “I’m excited to welcome Starship Universe to Cardano as we break new ground together.”

    Aron Schulman said.” The connection with Charles Hoskinson was a revelation. He listened, we listened, and we realised that we spoke the same language and wanted the same things for our industry and the wider world. When you strike the right balance between commerciality and credibility, integrity emerges and it soon became clear that we had a shared vision centred on inclusivity and sustainability.

    What started as an idea is becoming a reality as we stand in the stone circle at Stonehenge, and I am proud to have Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox on board to co-pilot the Cosmos as we embark on a voyage beyond the final frontier.

    Cardano was developed to redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins – to the individual – and to be a force for positive change and progress.

    Carl Cox, DJ and producer says. I’ve been pushing the boundaries. We jumped from vinyl to CDs and then to digital. We were on the fringes of the original raves and now we’re at the forefront of the major international festivals. I’ve always known that we’re all the same, although sometimes it takes a while for others to understand. In dance music we promote through word of mouth, in tech they call it peer-to-peer, but it’s the same thing. We’re all sharing our creations, and that’s what makes the next chapter so exciting.

    Paul Oakenfold said.” We live in an age of technology. Platforms used to be platforms for trains, clouds in the sky, and social venues were where you danced. Things are changing fast. Everything is about ‘when’ and ‘where’, but rarely is anyone asking ‘why’. When you do, you understand what the right path is. Aron Schulman asked ‘why’ and then made the impossible possible. He always told me that we are limited only by our imagination, and that with his synergy with Charles Hoskinson, there is clearly no limit to what we can achieve together.”

    Alon Shulman says, “The creative world is about collaboration. We’ve already worked with DJenerates on their DJ-based NFT drop, selling all 10,000 collectibles in 24 hours, and it made sense to invite them to add their backstage and digital design expertise to our latest adventure and power Starship Universe.”

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