• Dogamí Builds Bridge to The Sandbox for Canine Fuelled Metaverse Fun

  • Leading AR pet nurturing simulation, Dogamí, has partnered up with vast virtual world, The Sandbox to bring a whole host of four-legged hi-jinks to the metaverse in the form of dog-shaped avatars.

    This incredible new collaboration will allow Dogamí to bridge its Tezos-based NFTs over to The Sandbox, resulting in the first ever fully operational four-legged avatars to roam the region, and pave the way for future, non-humanoid playable characters within the voxelated realm.

    To bolster up its metaverse credentials, Dogamí has also acquired a 3×3 plot of LAND inside the esteemed metaverse. Inside which, Dogamí will build its canine-themed community where the voxel dogs can frolic and thrive. With this in mind, the team will build a social hub and skate park, as well as a Dogamí shop, where proud owners can purchase a wide range of voxel accessories.

    In celebration of this fine alliance, both The Sandbox and Dogamí will conduct some excellent giveaways. As a result, followers of the Dogamí Discord will have a chance to win one of five The Sandbox Alpha passes, while on the flipside, The Sandbox has lined up Dogamí voxel avatars for five lucky community members.

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