• Dogecoin Creator Sends His Personal DOGE NFT Collection to Sell on OpenSea

  • As per his recent tweet, Billy Markus, who participated in creating Dogecoin back in 2013, has informed the DOGE community that the last three of his “dreaming DOGE” NFTs have been sent to the OpenSea marketplace. Meanwhile, the GameStop giant plans to create a rival to this major NFT trading platform.

    “Dreaming Doge” NFT collection for sale

    According to the page on OpenSea, the address of which was shared by Markus in his tweet, “Dreaming Doge” contains eight NFTs that will be released in 88 editions each.

    Now, Billy Markus has sent the remaining three of these pixelated DOGE-themed non-fungible tokens to the marketplace to sell them at the floor price of 0.088 ETH per piece.

    GameStop is going against OpenSea

    GameStop, a major seller of new and second-hand software and hardware for video games—a favorite of meme stock traders—plans to launch its own marketplace for NFTs.

    GameStop has partnered with Australia-based Immutable and is setting up a $100 million fund to promote projects related to NFTs.

    The company plans to utilize Immutable’s platform to launch a marketplace for trading NFTs on Ethereum by the end of 2022. In return, Immutable is going to pay GameStop up to a whopping $150 million worth of its native token, IMX.

    In early November last year, GameStop was seeking to hire experts in the spheres of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

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