• Doki Doki Launches NFT Gachapon Powered by Chainlink VRF

  • Doki Doki recently released NFT Gachapon, Zodiac Girls.

    Doki Doki has integrated these NFTs with Chainlink VRF.

    This gives the NFT Gachpon machine provably fair randomness.

    Doki Doki announced yesterday that they have launched a new NFT Gachapon machine called Zodiac Girls.These NFTs use Chainlink VRF to improve the fair randomness of NFTs assigned to users.

    It is important to note that Doki Doki is a marketplace that features Gachapon machines. It makes buying and selling NFTs, easier and more fun. It allows brands, artists and projects to manage and arrange custom NFT Gachapon machines. In addition, in order to obtain these NFTs, players receive Gachapon capsules with random NFTs.

    On the other hand, Chainlink VRF is the industry standard provider of tamper-proof smart contracts and publicly auditable RNG or random number generators. Moreover, it enables developers to have high-quality data sources and secure off-chain computing.

    In retrospect, Doki Doki’s Zodiac Girl NFT Gachapon is a first of its kind. Integrating Chainlink VRF into these NFTs improves the security and unbiased randomness of smart contract usage.

    Kirienzo, CTO of Doki Doki, said.

    Using Chainlink VRF is the best way to help ensure that our system is fair and cannot be manipulated, as users can independently verify that the RNG solution works as expected.

    In addition, Zodiac Girls is an exclusive set of anime-themed NFTs. it is based on the 12 constellations of the zodiac. The set includes 24 collectibles, with a secret rare and a limited 1 o1 rare edition, as well as 10 copies of each. Players can mint these NFTs with Ether.In addition, thanks to its connection to Polygon, players can take advantage of near-zero gas costs.

    As Doki Doki mentioned, we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience while also making sure we’re using the latest technology to enhance security. Surely, Doki Doki players will love its new NFT Gachapon, Zodiac Girls.

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