• Dolce & Gabbana’s first NFT collection already has over $2 million in bids

  • The auction for Dolce & Gabbana’s Collezione Genesi digital products ends tomorrow. Out of a total of nine pieces, five have physical and digital versions of what is said to be a wearable device that can be used in the meta-space. This is the first moment when high-fashion meets NFTs, but it certainly won’t be the last. In addition to the competitors that are sure to pop up soon, Dolce & Gabbana itself is planning more releases in this space.

    But let’s not get too excited. The official auction site describes the collection as.

    “In a historic moment for the NFT ecosystem, Collezione Genesi is the first NFT luxury collection to involve both digital and physical pieces, truly bridging the physical and metaphysical. ”

    Legendary fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is working with UNXD, which describes itself as a “curated marketplace for the best digital culture.” They tell us that “all the pieces were designed exclusively for UNXD by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.” Here’s an amazing video showing the nine available items, but be sure to note that the bids have doubled since it was posted. And that number will probably increase tomorrow.

    Also, notice this tweet from Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic. the Dolce & Gabbana NFTs are live on the Polygon network.

    Dolce & Gabbana strikes first and hits hard

    Even the casual observer can see that Dolce & Gabbana’s Collezione Genesi is a well-thought-out project. Their consultants know what they’re doing. As we said, the NFTs came with a digital wearable piece. They also include a handmade sketch and more importantly access to a community.

    Community and access can be just as important as art when it comes to NFTs.The Dolce & Gabbana team clearly understands this, so they are offering two key items in the Genesis collection.1.- A 3-day pass to Dolce & Gabbana’s “Alta Moda Haute Couture”, the brand’s own biggest event of the next year. The pass includes access to all the shows and parties. In addition, there is a private studio tour.2.- Membership to the DGFamily NFT community.

    To better explain the last item, let us quote UNXD.

    “Dolce & Gabbana will next launch the #DGFamily NFT community. 4 exclusive levels, including a super exclusive Gold level, whose inaugural members will be the winners of this Genesis auction. Something like a digital + physical + experiential access.”

    Couture and NFTs go hand in hand

    When our sister site Bitcoinist announced Dolce & Gabbana’s NFT collection, they made a great point.

    “More importantly, haute couture and access to expensive items is not about fulfilling a need. Instead, it caters to being a part of luxury culture and conveying status. In many ways, NFTs also fit this bill because, in turn, they have become status symbols.”

    However, in order for the fusion to succeed, a landmark case was needed. A moment where all those involved saw the light of day. Is this Dolce & Gabbana collection? Well, it mixes the cryptocurrency world with the real world and has the backing of a legendary brand, but is that enough?

    The collection took the creators “16,000 hours of insane collective time.” It consists of “nine one-of-a-kind pieces that will never be made again.” So, you know what, that’s pretty rare. In addition, “many of the pieces use creation techniques known only to a handful of people alive today. This is museum-quality work.” Most importantly, they promise, “These works look and “feel” real and will change the way people think about digital assets.”

    This sounds incredible, but it also raises the question. In which meta-space will they actually be wearable? Which of your digital bodies will be able to wear the Impossible Tiara or the Governor’s Crown?

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