• DontBuyMeme Releases Revamped NFT Platform – MEMEX

  • Pineapple devotees, DontBuyMeme, are launching their new and improved NFT platform. This improved and fine-tuned portal promises faster deals, lower gas fees and more community involvement for all $MEMEs. To top it all off, there’s a new betting deal that will get you some juicy pineapples.

    Instead of standing still, the team has taken the bull by the horns and proactively upgraded the service and MEMEX is ready to embark on the journey. This sharp new upgrade will arrive with great fanfare on October 4.

    The revamped platform will include a fully operational DAO and a new user-friendly interface. In addition, the application will move to a slick second tier solution, the Fantom Network. This will ensure the future of the MEME phenomenon, providing scalability as well as low gas fees and lightning-fast transactions, and providing a fast new bridge to the main Ethernet network.

    A new betting protocol will see the system revolutionized. Investors can bet $MEME or $LP for a pineapple. The system means you bet for your tokens, choose your drop, and then sit back and relax. After that, you will never need to bet again and will always have a draw system to determine the outcome of each drop.

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