• Doodles Dooplicator NFT Floor Price Already Over 3ETH

  • Doodles finally dropped the much-anticipated Doodles Dooplicator NFTs yesterday, and the floor price is already above 3 ETH.

    Doodles Dooplicator’s Rising Floor Price

    On May 6, Doodles revealed its Dooplicator NFT project, calling it “a functional piece of doodle machinery with extraordinary powers.” However, while Dooplicator NFTs are an exciting addition, holders fear they might dilute the original collection.

    Before the launch, speculations swirled around the Doodles Dooplicator NFTs and Doodles’ recent moves. Moreover, details are still sparse about what the Dooplicator will do.

    Furthermore, Doodles holders can claim the Dooplicators until June 21, 2022. According to the initial announcement, we can learn more about the Dooplicator project on June 22 at the NFT NYC. Also, based on the official website, Doodles will reveal the traits and rarities on June 23 with no time provided.

    Firstly, the Doodles Dooplicator is a collection of free-to-claim NFTs for Doodles holders. Holders have already claimed 47% of the supply at the time of writing, leaving about 5,300 Dooplicators unclaimed.

    As of now, the Dooplicators have traded more than 940 ETH in the secondary volume. Meanwhile, the free-to-claim Doodles Dooplicator NFT collection currently sits at a floor price of 3.25 ETH.

    Since the start of the claim, Doodles’ floor price has fallen, and it currently sits at 13.45 ETH. However, Doodles is one of the few blue-chip NFT collections that has mostly weathered the current NFT downturn.

    The one-o-a-kind Doodles NFT project has constantly pushed the boundaries of innovation. Therefore, we can expect the Doodles Dooplicator floor price to continue climbing.

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